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We can only release CCTV footage to a solicitor or recognised insurance company. Your representative will be able to request specific footage relating to your claim. For further details, please refer to the CCTV enquiry form. All images obtained through public CCTV are classed as data and are therefore covered by the Data Protection Act of 2018 (including GDPR). This means we are not legally allowed to share data which may harm the privacy of other people.

Most likely we can: please get in touch to arrange a FREE site survey or request additional technical help from one of our security experts. Find out more by visiting our Alarm and CCTV Monitoring pages or use our make an enquiry form.

We can work with a variety of transmission paths and have years of experience with all manner of alarm systems. Please get in touch using our enquiry form to arrange a FREE site survey or request additional technical help from one of our security experts.

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our telephone service is staffed round-the-clock so you will never get through to a pre-recorded message. You are not able to visit our premises due to the secure nature of the facility, but we can come to you. You can learn more about The Control Centre by visiting our About Us page or get in touch today.

A Subject Access Request is a written or verbal request made by an individual to access data held about you. This is not the same as accessing CCTV data. People often get confused between a SAR and a request for CCTV footage for other purposes. A SAR relates solely to a living person and not their property.

SARs will also be refused if the request relates to a criminal investigation or claim, or if the SAR is considered too complex or covers an unreasonable time span. There is no charge for a SAR, (under GDPR), but individuals are expected to pay for video editing costs, for example, associated with the removal of other identifiable people in any video clip.

For more detail, please get in touch using our enquiry form.

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