Monitor the safety of your staff during periods of lone working with The Birmingham Control Centre Lone Working Service.

The service is delivered in real time through our mobile app, so you can be confident that support is there for you and your team. Should, for example, an employee be unable to check-in, or self-initiates an alert, The Control Centre can respond immediately through our alarm monitoring service.

“It is estimated that up to 8 million people in the United Kingdom are lone workers. That’s 22% of the 31.2m UK working population.”

The app uses smartphone GPS systems to display lone worker locations on a street-level or aerial map. This then ensures emergency services can be easily guided to precise employee whereabouts if required.

Why use the Lone Worker Service?

Lone working is a risk that all organisations need to actively manage. For the safety and well-being of your employees, ensuring a safe working environment is a crucial part of lessening the very real risks recognised by the Health & Safety Executive. The app turns employee mobile phones into effective and responsive personal safety devices that are easily carried without additional hardware. Should other lone worker devices be required e.g. a personal fob, these can be supplied through our trusted business partner.

The app’s easy to use features are designed to address a range of lone working risks and include:

  • Timed sessions
  • SOS button
  • Start and end shift logging
  • Silent panic
  • Emergency duress activation
  • One and two-way audio

How does it work?

If you have a lone security night guard at an industrial unit, warehouse or scrapyard, for example, making sure they are protected as they make their rounds is a well-being priority as well as an employment responsibility. Perhaps your employee is customer-facing during periods of lone work? Employed in a remote location? Or works for you out of normal business hours? Our service can increase personal safety in a range of situations and circumstances.

The app works on a smartphone, which your employee is likely to already have. The service is therefore a cost-effective solution and means no additional devices are required (although dedicated devices can be supplied if necessary). It’s also fast and easy to implement, simply download and install to individual devices and the app is ready to work straight away.

Should an alert be sounded, we can escalate as required and as pre-agreed. We offer a range of escalations such as basic response, contacting a Line Manager, or in dangerous situations, calling out the emergency services and guiding them to the employee’s exact location. Escalations can be pre-agreed to ensure smooth running and employee safety 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a level that suits your operation.

The app works on a self-initiation model giving lone workers autonomy, control over their personal privacy, and greater personal safety. For further reassurance, staff location is only known, when the Lone Worker App alarm is activated, indicating assistance is required.


  • One-off set-up fee per device of £29.
  • £9.99pcm per device (special introductory offer £5.99 for first 3 months).

Key benefits:

  • Lone worker safety monitoring in real-time
  • Two-way audio
  • GPS location accuracy
  • Geofence creation and management
  • Easy to implement
  • No additional hardware
  • 24/7 coverage, all year round
  • Scalable escalations
  • User privacy autonomy

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