Your commercial or public property can be better protected against criminal activity and antisocial behaviour with the CCTV Monitoring Service from The Birmingham Control Centre.

As one of Europe’s leading centres for public space CCTV monitoring, and with an extensive network of cameras located throughout Birmingham, The Control Centre is unparalleled in the local area.

Many of our clients choose to operate and manage their system on-site during normal business hours. We can cover out-of-hours operations for total peace of mind. The Control Centre has the latest software and strong links to West Midlands Police, which means your business and premises is protected round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Images are recorded and monitored either out-of-hours only, or 24/7. If criminal activity is detected, The Control Centre can respond in real time and direct the relevant emergency service to the situation. We can also provide video footage as evidence if requested by a solicitor or insurance company.

It is possible to integrate your existing CCTV provision to provide a remote-surveillance system from The Control Centre. We can support various levels of monitoring from fixed camera-on-motion sensors, to full monitoring with remote control access. In addition, we will pre-agree a level of response ranging from a straightforward phone call to the key holder / nominated contact, or direct emergency services response.

View The Birmingham Control Centre CCTV Code of Practice June 2018

Key benefits:

  • One of Europe’s leading centres for public space CCTV monitoring
  • Out-of-hours security
  • West Midlands Police co-located in The Control Centre
  • The latest monitoring software
  • Independently accredited and audited


  • Reactive CCTV monitoring: £1999 per annum (just £5.47 per day)
  • Live CCTV monitoring 24/7: £2705 per annum per camera
  • Packages and discount rates are available for multi camera provision


Birmingham is by no means alone as an urban environment with undesirable levels of criminal activity – a sad fact of modern life. At The Control Centre, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of active crime response with our CCTV Monitoring Service. We deliver effective and responsive security solutions to schools, shops, business premises, and more. For perimeter security, behaviour observation, traffic monitoring, or security support, CCTV monitoring provides peace of mind round-the-clock, and all-year-round for companies, businesses, and public services of all shapes and sizes.

When a detector senses movement it will alarm The Control Centre providing screenshots of the cause of the activation. This enables the operator to look at live images of your premises and assess the level of risk. We will then carry out the pre-agreed level of response decided by you.

Our CCTV systems allow us to actively track the actions of suspects by recording video. If the system we are monitoring includes audio provision, we also have the facility to broadcast live audible warnings on-site. The Control Centre works hand in hand with West Midlands Police, providing a high-quality, professionally managed operation.

Our CCTV system complies with all required codes of practice, is fully accredited and independently audited.

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For more information about our CCTV Monitoring service, please call 0121 303 4149, or use our Enquiry form.

Been involved in an accident on the roads?
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CCTV Enquiry

Have you been involved in an accident on the roads in Birmingham and need to recover CCTV footage of the incident?

*For legal reasons we can only respond to enquiries from your insurer or solicitor.* 

There is a £25 fee to review if there is any footage of the incident recorded, then an additional £50 fee to download, burn to disc and release the footage via recorded delivery.

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Incident Information

For legal reasons we can only respond to enquiries from your insurer or solicitor. Once we have established if there is footage of the incident they can only be released to those bodies.

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